I have given him too much and have made his life easy...

I need to get to work on my son. He will be 19 next month. I am a single Mom who adopted Alan when I was 39. He was just 6 days old. He was such a special gift for me so being older and more established, I have been in a position to over indulge. I know there is hope. He is a great son, I have not ever worried about his company and he does not drink or partake in drugs. My big worry is his laziness and irresponsibility. I have given him too much and have made his life easy, but I am one who generally tries to avoid conflict. He now has a girl friend, his first. She has just turned 16, and as I said he will soon be 19. We are in Columbus, Ohio....and the laws are what they are. He is a very sensitive young man, and has had low self esteem do to school bullies, so the interest offered by this girl, who is a user, means a lot to him. I know she wants to have sex, and see what she can get from Alan and I need advice on how to handle it, because I do not want Alan to be alienated or sneak off, because I do not know the proper way to handle this puppy love situation. It has only been 3 weeks now, but I can tell that he is getting attached. What can I do?

My Out-of-Control Teen

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