My son tends to be very strong willed...

My son tends to be very strong willed and I am glad he's independent.

I have a husband who holds him accountable as I do. We sometimes have difference of opinion because I feel we need to give him parameters, guidelines etc. In the past we didn't have to now he's starting to socialize more, like girls etc.

My son is 14 years and now I see the signs of him being vocal, he's now taller than me 5'10 to my 5'3'. We give him a cell so he can keep in touch with us. We took his phone away because he didn't come home on time or answered my calls. I told him if he doesn't come home on time or call me, I will come looking for him which I did. He became irate and I told me I embarrassed him. I warned him that I would do that if he followed my rules.Since then he leaves me a note and calls me. He only hangs out in the neighborhood and I know his friend and family. Just an FYI: he was in a friends house with 3 girls unsupervised and I told him I don't want him in anyone's house without parents.

The other thing I am struggling with he has a non-chalet attitude about his homework. He says screw school...I try not to argue with him. He's says that I act like a bitch because I am always on him about his homework.

I told him we had an agreement if he wants his phone, i-pod privileges he has to hold his end of the bargain. Do his homework within an hr. , have his homework done before 9p etc. He tells me he has homework and I start honding him because he hasn't done it so it ends up that he's doing it at 9p and so tired that he doesn't want to do it. He very smart, but I feel he's not being challenged. This is his last year in 8th grade.

For most part, my husband and I have been raised the same with very high standards. What is very difficult for me is that he work swing and I work during the day so I end up being the disciplinarian during the week. After reading your comments I walked away and stopped playing cat and mouse. The other thing is my son is an only child. I now decided instead of arguing with him, I will let my husband deal with him when he gets home.

I don't want to go on and on..hope you can make sense of this. I just don't want my son to get frustrated and I want to continue encouraging him to be the best that he can be.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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