This is NOT normal teen behavior...

Good evening, Mark:

Ashley has violated probation four out of the last five days.

Monday-she was late for school and missed first and second block.

Wednesday-she overslept and missed first and second block again

Wednesday night-I went to church, Gregg came to chaperone. Ashley said to Gregg at 7:45 she was going to church with her boyfriend. This is very out of character as she has only gone to church once in four years!! I do not believe that she would be the only ANGLO sitting in a SPanish church either!!! She came home at 10:45. Said she went to church with her boyfriend and then they went to Macaroni Grill. She came in with her make-up all smeared and her hair all disheveled. She is on probation adn not allowed to go to dinner with boyfriend, especially at 10:00 at night!! She did not answer her phone, nor did her boyfriend.

Today (Friday)- she did not have school. She told me last night that she was going to do some community service this morning at the Humane Society. She slept until 2:00 this afternoon. I tried to awaken her several times starting at 11:30 A.M. as I told her the security alarm serviceman was coming to repair that alarm system that she and her brother had distroyed. He came at 2:00 and he had been in all rooms but hers. She went ballistic because I wanted her out of her room so that he could get in there to check the window. She was cursing and screaming at me in front of the serviceman and slamming doors. I GAVE HER HOURS NOTICE!!! Then the serviceman used her bathroom to urinate. We were both unaware of this. She went CRAZY as he left the seat up and dripped urine on the rim of the her commode. She was yelling about it in his presence and cursing. When he left, she was calling me an f--ing idiot and told me to clean the seat. She and I were arguing the whole time.

She did not come home tonight. She called her Dad screaming about me asked to stay with him and then called her Dad and she is staying with her boyfriend. Evidently Gregg was fine with this. This is a violation of probabation. He is 21 and contributing to her delinquency as are his parents if she is actually staying at his/their house.

For some reason, she thinks she can do as she pleases, even when she is on probation, that there are no rules and parameters and if there are, she is above them. That is why we are where we are.

This is NOT normal teen behavior. No person should go off the deep end because a serviceman wants to get in her room and used her lav!!!


Hi Debbie,

Can I suggest you report all of this directly to her PO. Probation Officers love parents who help them supervise their clients.

It may take a while for your daughter to realize that she is standing on a higher level of accountability.

I'm glad you have assistance from probation. However, bear in mind that the wheels of justice turn slowly. Thus, consequences may not come as quickly as you would like.


My Out-of-Control Teen

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