He can be such a lovely boy when he is in a good mood...

My son has some of the problems you wrote on your web-site" out of control children."

His behaviour is not the way it should be. He always tries to argue if he has done something. He lies (sometimes). Is very disrespectful to the teachers and us (sometimes).

Not on his level at school. We talked already many times about his problem. Is always in for doing things to get some attention from his fellow students. (and he can be such a lovely boy when he is in a good mood). Helping me with cooking dinner etc.) But when it is bedtime he can't sleep just by himself in de bedroom, he wants his older sister and younger brother to sleep in the same room otherwise he can't sleep, he just wants to be close to our bedroom.

But he needs help, the school is just telling us that he has to change, but they won't help us, he had difficulties with the language because he couldn't speak, read or write English at that time and they made a big mistake to put him in class which wasn't his level. And he had to stay there. (We immigrated to New Zealand 4 years ago).

My Out-of-Control Child

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