He has tantrums, breaks things, punches walls, etc...

Have a 17 year old grandson who lives with me has quit going to school, suffering from depression, is on meds, up until last year he was an honor student, football player, now stays out at night when he wants, hangs around with a 30 year old guy he met through his partime job at walmart, refuses to talk to a counsellor or me, basically I am just letting hm do what he wants right now, except refusing to give him money or let his friends over here while I am at work He suffers from an anxiety disorder as well and is on larazapam for that. When I try to discipline or refuse to drive him to work, he has tantrums breaks things punches walls, etc, he is a nice kid when he is not acting up I suspect he is using pot, he smokes cigarettes and I find cigars cut in half in his room I think he is huffing the pot not sure.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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