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Here comes trouble...

I am happy to hear I am not the only one dealing with the sort of issue I am about to request your help with.

I have a 13 year old son. Tyler. Tyler is very athletic, great personality, pretty smart, loving (when not tired) and had great dreams for his future.... Sounds good so far.

I am divorced from his dad since Ty is 3 years old. His father is in the same town, but does not help financially, spiritually, emotionally or physically. He just exists! UGH! Ty loves his dad, which i know is normal. I am getting married in July. Been with my fiance for 6 years, and he has taken on the role of Step dad. He has done more for my children then their real father EVER has.... My children are just starting these past 2 years to connect with my fiance and accept him as their step dad. They do respect and look up to him.

Here comes trouble. Tyler since pre-school comes home with progress and report cards saying that his disrupts the class, he is rude and disrespectful and can't control himself. I thought he was just being a boy! Well, hes had out of school suspension since all the little things built up and the school finally had enough! he has had in school suspension! He lies about homework, yells at us when we tell him to do his homework, he says he has non-but his report cards differ....

We as parents are at our wits end, we can't get through to him.... TO boot, he is super small for his age! He is going into 9th grade looks like a 5th grader!!! UGH!!!!!!!! He is really immature....

when we punish him, he says no parents punish their kids....He hates that his curfew is 8:30 on weekends.......and hates that he can't do what he wants, but we can't give him room to do what he wants, because we can't trust him to behave in school, so why should he be able to do more fun things with his friends???? Should we see a therapist? should we try medication??? What do we do?

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