I am fine tuning our project proposal...

Hi Dr. Hutten! Thank you for your prompt reply. I am happy to hear you are willing to help me out.

Right now, I am fine tuning our project proposal for possible funding from the local government units and hopefully government agencies and charitable organizations. We hope to bring our concept to public elementary and high schools, targetting for a start 15-20 individuals.

Yes I am willing to be your counterpart if we bring your concept to the Philippines. I believe we have a big need for it in our country. I have an existing place which could serve as our office/center. Right now I only have 2 volunteers - a housekeeper and a social worker on a part time basis. For this program that we hope to launch in June this year, I partner with 2 other NGOs that provides the financial assistance to cover the cost of our program.

My interest in mental health started when 2 siblings were affected by mental illness. I experience so much difficulty of having to care for them. as a result of the very strong stigma against the illness. In 1998, I joined the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and here I got to attend international fora on mental health issues. I helped organize family support groups in our country, little by little, helping them 'get out of their shell' by telling their stories, and like me, get better understanding of the illness, how to cope, and where to get help, and also, how to be of help.

My advocacy led me to look into the other areas of concern - behavior problems in children, hence, this program I hope to launch in June this year.

I am open to suggestions on how we will operate here in the Philippines.

I look forward to working with you. Herewith is my resume for you perusal.

Best regards...............Sally

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