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I am in such despair...

This is the 5th night that my daughter is gone from home. She was released from a Juvenile Justice Center in which she spent 7 months. She had intense training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy--she can really "talk the talk", but chooses not to practice the skills she has learned.She came home on parole 32 days ago.

She enrolled in a new High School--thinking was the last shot to graduate. In spite of the fact she KNOWS it was a parole violation to not be home by 8pm--she stomped out after skipping classes that day, and we have not heard from her since last Thursday. She has made new friends in the new school and she is going from house to house giving God knows what kind of a story so that she can stay in that house.

She is a beautiful, vivacious fun-loving girl, with the attention span of a lighting bolt/

There is an arrest warrant out for her, as there has been many times before when she ran when she was only on probation. The police never find her, usually I have been able to, eventually. But not this time.

She will be returned to the facility for a week for the parole violation, once she is found. She will be here again, she will be 18 in December--there will be more counseling, more in-home counseling visits from Juvenile Rehab counseling. She is diagnosed as ADD with FAS-we adopted her at 3 months of age.

I love her with all my heart--I am so afraid she will come home pregnant--but at least she will come home alive. What else can I do--I am in such despair I don't want to go on.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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