I do not want to lose my son...

I AM one of the parents that you have described. My son, Shane is 15 years old. He as well as us have had struggles for the last 4 years. This past year has been the most challenging. School and home life is at best tense. I want so much to have the son I know is there inside of him. Yet, I am also so frightened every day that if we do not find the right avenue for him, he will spiral out of control. I do not want to lose my son. He is precious and unique. We have had psychological testing done this past March and the diagnosis is ADHD and Oppositional Behavior Disorder. I am hoping that you may be part of that avenue. I am grateful that this info was sent to me. It is overwhelming making the correct choices to allow all the potential within Shane to be discovered by him. Please help us!

My Out-of-Control Child

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