I have talked to this kid till i'm blue in the face...

Hi my name is rodney and i have been recently married to my wife i have 2 children ages 11 and 12 and my wife has a son that is 16. we are having a problem with his behavior he has been using drugs (pot Ecstasy mushrooms) i have talked to this kid till im blue in the face he tells me that he is changing but in the same breath goes out and gets into more trouble he has stolen his moms work cell phone and sent x rated pictures of himself to her co workers and left lewd messages on her cell phone he has also stolen his moms money and debit card out of her purse and ran up major bills calling 1 900 numbers using my name .he is angry and wont listen to anyone he has also punched holes in the walls.

my wife and i really want to help him to get straightened out but we are at our wits end with him my wife is at the point where we dont know what to do.

he has been through jump start programs and countless counseling sessions but non of it seems to be working . he has the attitude that he just doesnt care about anything but himself. Dillon has the potential to do allot with his life and he is throwing it all away. i have tried everything with this kid. i have talked to him for hours on end about life and what consequences come with his actions but he just says what i want to hear and does what he wants anyway. I'm starting to thing this kid has no conscience.

I really need some help with this kid. my kids are living in the house and im concerned about what may happen with my kids from being around his kind of behavior . I don't trust him as far as i can throw him. please any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. I`ve talked to my wife about buying your program and we are trying to weigh our options.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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