It’s like I don’t exist. ..

I just want to give you brief summary as to what my case is. I was not married to my son’s father and did live with him 15 years before I left home to start a new life.

This was because my Son’s father was a very controlling person, amongst other things. I left my son with him on that day 5 years ago. My ex (his father) had threatened me if I took our son he would hunt me down. Anyway, my son was visiting with me more often than what he is now. Since he turned 14 he and his father decided he didn’t have to visit it me anymore. So, when he did visit me, since the beginning, he was very angry with me, but then it appeared to get better in that sense. He would always be disrespectful, lazy, wouldn’t mind me, didn’t want to do chores, etc. and always spinning things to work to his advantage.

For the last two years I’ve been married, and the few times he’s come over it’s been only because he wanted to barrow my new car or for me to buy him a new cell phone, which he didn’t tell me that his father currently had him on a plan. As the years go by it’s become worse. First, his father will not talk to me at all. I’ve tried mediation which worked for a short time, but his dad and I would never agree on anything. So we’ve stopped talking because it does nobody any good. I’ve told his father that I wanted to talk to him strictly about our son (important things such as school, etc.) and… he refuses to talk or see me.

My son has been living with this father for the most part, and now he’s avoiding me at all costs. I know his father has a lot to do with this and I feel my son has been totally brain washed and I don’t know how to get him back (I mean his love and friendship). The last time I saw him (a couple of months ago) I stopped to talk to him at his school and he was really rude to me. That’s because I had suspended his cell phone for a month because he had done 5,000 text messages in one month. I asked him to stop texting so much, but he didn’t. From that day on I disconnected his cell phone and I have not heard from him at all. It’s like I don’t exist. He will be turning 17 this April.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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