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It's when I say no that the problem starts...

I have just lived through another one of my son's tantrums. This one was the worst ever. He is now in melt down stage and can't believe what he has done. For the last 2 hours he has bitten me, wished I was dead and called me every imaginable name possible. He is only 12. He is a beautiful cheery and smart boy. People always comment on what a polite little gentleman he is. But the minute I say no to him he explodes. When I then try to give him a consequence if he continues then it escalates. Then I issue the punishment and that's when he loses it. This time for 2 hours straight. At one point both me and his sister had to restrain him...I don't know what to do. I read with great interest your web site and I am searching to find the program that is right for us. I have had him in counselling and try this program and that and nothing has worked. As a matter of fact when I try anything it gets much much worse.

It's when I say no that the problem starts, and it always has been. Otherwise he is the best boy.

My Out-of-Control Child

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