Life at home is very difficult for the whole family...

Can you help me with my daughter, we have always had clear rules on what time our daughter comes home and if she does not contact us she knows she will be grounded, but a few weeks ago came in at 5 am when she knew to be in at 12. She was grounded and as soon as she got back out again came in at 4 am on a school night, that day we also found out that she has been asked to leave some of her classes. She has been intercepting mail from school so we did not know, she did not do well last year at school and promised to work hard this year, we wanted her to leave school as we did not think she would work, she cant get in to do the course she wants, and wants to stay at school for another year but does not want to live by our rules and wants to move out she has a part time job but cant support herself, she thought she could move in with a friend but surprise surprise none of the parents will although this, life at home is very difficult for the whole family just now do you think your book will help us.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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