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My brother is in a desperate situation...

My brother is in a desperate situation with his just turned 14 yo twin girls who have, in the last 6 months gone completely off the rails. He is a single parent and the mother has lost all interest in the girls and rarely sees them (obviously part of the problem but nothing can be done about this situation). Basically they are doing what they like, when they like. They get on the train to go to school and end up in the city hanging out with their friends. They have been picked up by the police several times, they are currently suspended from school for truancy. The go out when they feel like it and stay out all night, and will turn their mobile phones off so my brother can't contact them. The drink and smoke and maybe (?) are taking drugs (if not then it seems likely they will, especially one of them) An example of their behaviour...when they were at school today they sent my bro (Peter) a text telling him he had 2 choices....that if he let them go to a weekend long party they would come home and stay at home tonight otherwise they wouldn't be home at all until Sunday....some choice!! They will not tell him where they are, just ring him up to pick them up from the station when they feel like coming home. He is heartbroken over this situation and an absolute wreck worrying about them and they couldn't care less.They seem to have no care or concern for him at all (he has been an absolutely wonderful, loving caring dad) and have both said they would leave home if they could. I read some of the testimonials that refer to 'setting boundaries" and saying "no" etc but to me, they seem beyond this type of approach...but obviously I don't know what your program it applicable to kids who simply walk out of the house and do what they want and don't care about anyone or anything? If so then I would like to purchase this program for him, so is it possible for me to pay for it but get it sent to his e mail address (I'm not very clued in about buying things over the net)

My Out-of-Control Teen

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