Sometimes I really want to give up...

my son is turning 6 on the 17th of this month and I am a disabled mom, with an inoperable brain tumor.

I am at my wits end trying to tame this little boy.

I understand he may be hyper and he will be evaluated this coming week on Thursday the 10th of April and to see if he has Add or whatever the label is. I suffer from seizures from the tumors and sometimes I really want to give up, and my son does not make life easy.

I really at times want to just slap him across his bottom really hard but dyfs sure has strong rules these days ( I never had a runabout with them just to let you know ). I used to get whipped when we acted up growing up and didn't here a peep about that organization nor about add or adhd stuff, but now, its all about how you train your children not to be delinquents and not beat them like our parents hit us.

so how do we come across them without a little" tough love" as they called it back then. I love my son but he wipes out of all my energy, and my parents are not the best of help when it comes down to disciplining my son when he needs to be told to sit down and Stop acting up!

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