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There has been nothing but problems...

My husband is a recovering alcoholic and as struggled with it since 2002. In 2007 he Entered a program called Teen Challenge, which was for adults and teens that have addictions in drugs or alcohol. It is a year Long program. During this time our household had some serenity. He has recently returned home as of February 6th. I Have one daughter in college and is in her second year. My other daughter is 17 and I’m not sure I know who she is anymore. Since her father has been home there has been nothing but problems. I think during the year my 17 year old was trying to Trust her father again, and I believe was almost there-(she has been affected the most by his alcoholism, with mental and verbal Abuse). Anyway he had a relapse on a weekend that I was gone and she thought he was acting funny and of course he drank. Since then our life has been a living hell, she doesn’t listen- her schooling is going down the drain, by not going to school- she Says she has panic attacks and her mind doesn’t settle down. She never wants to be home and is now spending all her time With a boyfriend. My husband has tried to talk very minimal, has not said sorry- as he thinks his words will mean nothing. nWe argue about what to do and well we are exhausted.

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