16 yo son was caught shoplifting...

My 16 yo son was caught shoplifting with a friend and is facing 2 felony counts because of the dollar amount and the use of duffel bags. This was a week ago. He has 3 tv channels and one game on the computer. We took away all internet, cell phone, cable tv in room, home phone, going anywhere with friends and have been picking up and dropping him off to and from school and football practice. He previously took the bus on his own. We also found out there had been other instances of shoplifting small ticket items before but he had not been caught. My son previously had also accused us falsely of abuse and we had an informal meeting with CPS but no report was filed as they realized that there was no abuse. My son is in weekly counseling as are we. He has been compliant with most requests to do chores, has been doing homework but still has had occasional outbursts. We meet with intake, parole, in a week to see if they will be filing charges. I remain terrified to release him back on his own and what might happen next. Your website was a relief to find thanks for the time and effort, it matters.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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