Danielle's behavior seems so etched and unchangeable...

Like many others trying to cope with a child with ODD, I am ready to consider residential treatment centers. The centers are quite spendy and $30 bucks seems like the golden ticket. However, our child is 15, and I'm curious as to what you think your program has that eliminates the (desperate) need to try wilderness ranches, boarding schools, etc. Danielle's behavior seems so etched and unchangeable, especially the older she gets. I actually don't think she's reachable (we've tried encouraging good behavior -- why wouldn't you WANT to be good? -- and there are always consequences ...usually grounding...for her bad choices and attitudes).

Much of the reason I research the disorder is just to learn how to survive it. I can be stubborn myself and, thus, end up in shouting matches because "you mess with me, I WILL win because I AM the parent!" Nothing makes me angrier than a mouthy, disrespectful teen. You seem to understand the dilemma parents have and that's comforting, but is 15 too late in the game? It really does feel hopeless. I think we're all exasperated.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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