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Had a shitful day...

Just stumbled across your website after a somewhat shitful day, when to top it off, I hear my 13 year old daughter throwing a fit at her 11 year old brother, swearing, yelling and screaming!!! I run down to their bedrooms to referee before it gets uglier, see and hear my daughter storming into her room swearing like I've never heard before and I followed her in and was positively furious at her tantrum and foul mouth. I lost my control and slapped her arm as she was still swearing about her brother in front of me, and then she launched the swearing at me....never happened before, 1st time. As punishment for her rudeness and disrespect I proceded to take her aerial from her TV and said television priveleges gone for 3 days, whereby she screamed at me that she hated me and ran out of her room. She has never been the easiest child, always very strong willed, has to be right, impulsive, insensitive at times about others, cheeky etc. but behaviour like tonight was the worst I've ever experienced with her.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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