He exhibits about 4 or 5 of the "symptoms" of ODD...

I have been researching about ODD mostly on the Internet because my 14 year old son has recently been diagnosed with it. Our main problems are with school as well as other authority figures and not with home life as much. He is not violent or threatening, and he is very bright. He recently began counseling, and his therapist does NOT indicate that he is AD(H)D. He does not believe that medication is the solution for my son. He exhibits about 4 or 5 of the "symptoms" of ODD and he is extremely strong-willed. At the same time, he is very loving, very generous, very sensitive to other peoples feelings, and he loves his dog. It is primarily when he is confronted by an adult to comply with some rule that he exhibits this destructive behavior (ie; school). He does love to argue, and he thoroughly enjoys pestering and pushing people's buttons. Normally, however, he does this in a joking and light-hearted manner. He is about to enter high school, and i want him to be successful, but the prognosis on the Internet is not very reassuring. before i delve into spending additional money on every book or seminar or parenting class out there, i am a single parent who just wants to see my child succeed, but i am about at my wit's end with the public school system and their unaccommodating, archaic teaching styles especially where boys are concerned.

My Out-of-Control Child

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