He still lives with me and he is 22 years old...

I have problems with my son Timmy for the last past 4 years: After he graduated from High School, he keeps having problems with cars: This is the third car that he is driving.

1- I gave him a really nice car for his graduation and one month later he had a car accident and completely destroyed it.

2- I gave him the insurance money and he bought a very old car: With this very old car, he had lots of tickets ($5,000 of tickets – Most of them were for speeding).

* He went to Jail because he couldn’t pay for his tickets.

3- Just before he went to jail, he bought a very expensive BMW ($570 per month).

When he got out of jail, I got a loan of $5,000 on my name to pay off all his tickets. Timmy paid me back for a year ($440 per month). But now, he didn’t claim zero on his pay checks so he needs to pay back $1,500 on his income tax. He also broke his windshield, and he cannot pay for it. His Safety Inspection is due this month and he can’t pay for it. He also has a phone bill, two credit cards bills. He goes play all the time. I pay for his car insurance every month.

(Las September 2007, I paid another $500 for Court for him and now he has another Court Fee of $500 for April 2008)

He speaks to me very badly. He still lives with me and he is 22 years old. He works for 4 years now and never saved any money. He never cleans his room.

I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I would like to help him again on his bills but every time I do that, he creates more bills.

Please give me some advices. What do I need to do?

Thank you,


My Out-of-Control Teen

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