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I don't want to exist like this anymore...

I am almost to depressed to do any more with him i am on the verge of telling him to leave i just can't do it anymore i am out of juice i have 2 terminal parents living with me i am the only child and no relatives in australia my parents are totally bankrupt my daughter is great she is doing her school cert and i have david who is always telling me to F@#k off as part of my normal day I just can't take it with his behavior and attitude, school don't want him there and are on the phone to me daily,my ex has a new family and doesn't want to know i have reared him on my own since he was born and before. he is so mean aggresive hurtful amd cruel to me in front of his friends and when there is no one around I love him and when ever I do anything he abuses me and makes me feel worthless. I am destroyed and am just past the point. I t has been so bad for so long in and out of courses pychlogists councilers you name it we've done it and nothing has worked. I don't want to exist like this any more its no life.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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