I feel I can not cope with him...

I have just sent my 15 year old son to his fathers for two weeks in desperation, and now feel I've taken the wrong course of action again.My son has been excluded from school for the third time and is on his very last warning.We have three other children who are all fine and I constantly blame myself or my actions for the way he is. He doest seem to do authority all that well and certainly makes it really clear he hates his step father .Family members constantly view their thoughts on the situation and put it down to my divorce when he was 4 years old and having his nose put out of joint at the appearance of two younger siblings, who got more attention than him. He has taken cannibals drinks steals money, and is constantly in trouble with the school, and police. I love my son but he is putting so much strain on my marriage and other children I feel I can not cope with him.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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