I feel scared, frustrated, tired and inadequate...

I'm a parent of an 11 year old son and am having problems parenting him alone. I'm also pursuing a post graduate degree and find it hard to juggle the stress of my exams & deadlines as well as the stress of managing him which many times have made me just break down and cry. Like this morning before going to school for instance, he wanted to be a member of an online game & when I explained to him that he can't, he threw temper tantrums and started kicking me. Also the night before, which is a school night, he also hit me when he wasn't allowed to switch on a video to watch at 9.30pm! He's always unhappy about things, always angry, dissatisfied and always defying rules to suit his whims and fancies. He makes all kinds of excuses to read or study and is all the time on the computer till late. If he is not allowed to do what he wants, in anger and frustration, he hits his head real hard on the wall or threatens to kill himself once or twice running to get the knife from the kitchen drawer. I don't know how to react. On several occassions, he bedwets in the morning and when he does that, he gets upset & angry with himself for doing that. I feel scared, frustrated, tired and inadequate parenting him as it drains a lot of my energy. He is fine at school and is able to control his temper there.I have tried all methods but nothing seems to work. Perhaps I'm not strict enough or not doing things right, but my son says I'm horrible and resents me.

It's the final straw & I'm at the end of my tether. I fear the kind of teenager he will grow up to be. Hence I'm writing to seek some support on how to deal with him before he grows any bigger cos as it is, his behaviour is already like a terrible teenager.

My Out-of-Control Child

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