i was addicted to meth from the age of 15-38...

my name is shannon. im a single mother of three teens. I dont have a high school diploma and i have limited parenting skills as i came from a VERY disfunctional drug addicted family. So please bear with me my comp. skills are still a work in progress. My son chance is out of controll. im about two more arguements away from calling cps. i just cant handle any more. he has ocd he is 13. first some background. i was addicted to meth from the age of 15-38. i am now 39 i have been sober for almost a year. in this past year i have worked steady (i have no skills per-say so i have waitressed and now work at a convience store), i filed my taxes, have a home,and pay bills, all the things i failed to provide for my children in the past i now accompolish, to the best of my ability. i have little to no parenting skills, but i love my children with all my being. my son is out of controll,and i dont know what to do. i need help so very badly and dont know where to turn. i just dont know what to do to fix or understand why he is so hatefull and manipulative.

My Out-of-Control Teens

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