It is getting worse and worse...

I was looking on the net as I have run out of energy and soul I have a son (16yr) with ODD he has every symptom and more I am divorced and going out of my mind.

I have done all the courses avail to me since he was 6yr and seen 5 phycologists I have 2 terminal sick parents and I am the only child, I have a daughter 18 and she is fine.

I cant do anything with him and it is getting worse and worse at home and school he has a foul mouth and I am so scared he is going to end up behind bars he is very im mature for his age in many ways and i don't know how to help him I have tried everything I can think of for the last 10yrs and we are still no where.

I feel trapped as I love him so much but he is distroying me emotionally and stressing me to the point of health issues I love him but can't stand to be around him help us please you are my last hope.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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