Our home life is a hell with him ...

We are trying to raise our soon to be 15 y.old son who started act out after he turned 12.

School is been difficult from the beginning and I and his dad have been pushing him to do his homework day one. He is in 8 grade and teacher said that if he wants to pass he have to give extra work in but he is not interested to do that.

We have spoke with him and offered any help he would need to pass the 8 grade but all he is doing is using swear-words and threatening to kill himself if he is not passing the 8 grade.

Teachers have done a lot to help us and him and he can have A -s but he is not even trying to do any homework and at school he seems to disturb the lessons with his constant talking to friends and sometimes he sleeps !

Our home life is a hell with him. There is not a moment with him when he is not using abusive and horrible language to address me , his dad or his little and sweet 10 years old sister . She is already showing the affects and nightmares so she is afraid to sleep in her own bed at night .Our son have been threatening to kill us many times so she is probably scared that he may one day do it .

I had a brain tumor removal surgery 7 months ago and all that time he did not change his attitude at all to help his dad or little sister to cope in the house or show me any kindness.I was recovering at home and he still abused me with his cuss and many times told me that I will die anyway because my tumor will come back ...............

I have ever heard anything so cruel from anyone ....and he is my son.......

He seems to have no remorse and never comes and apologize , he told us that apologizing is a form of weakness.

My husband have been very calm person and talks with him calmly and is been trying to understand his teenage struggles. All he gets is abuse and punching and what ever he does to bond with him is been slap in his face from our son.

He is been discipline taking his computer and games awei but he is always stealing them back and he in number one liar .......we can not take his words seriously a long time because he is doing it all the time.

We have seen several different psychiatrists and he was on the depression medication 5 moths because they thought he is depressed and he is very thin and ill looking. I saw no major changes and told them that I think he have ODD.

They did some tests and I think the test showed nothing major but he is very good knowing what to say and what to answer so I am quite sure he =
cheated there.

His therapist told us that he is telling him that everything is fine at school and home and he believed him all the time. He was surprise when we told that it is not the truth at all.

So I feel very little hope left with him ....I feel more and more that it is becoming harder to say to him we love him even I still to say that every day.

This is almost destroyed my marriage, our health is going and our younger child is suffering.Our son just goes one and laughs and of cause tells us every day that he wishes we all die and how much he hates us.

My husband now think that he is a psycopath and I am afraid that he may be, because he does not show any remorse of his action and hell he is putting us every day.

I am starting to think that he will kill us one night because his anger is so shift and he is angry all the time ...

We have tried everything, he just getting worse and down hill. I have no money to private special school or wilderness program. I just would like to have normal family life and marriage back and hope to my daughter to live stress free in our home.

I honestly do not know if there is any hope left to our son but I am starting to think that it is wrong him to destroy rest of our family because he does not care.

And then one day he leaves and starts living his young life hopefully and we are left here with ill health, divorced maybe, mental scares to our younger child.

My Out-of-Control Child

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