She shows me and her step-father very little respect....

My daughter Sophie is 12 years old. Bright, funny and beautiful. We’ve just heard glowing reports from her at school. And her friends parents have no problems with her.

However, she shows me and her step-father very little respect. She screams and shouts and if she can’t get her way all hell breaks out. I’ve tried every avenue but she just makes life hell if she can’t get her own way. So setting boundaries doesn’t work. There’s always a row. She treats me worse than one of her peers.

She has lots of issues to deal with – her life has been far from easy. Her father left when she was 7 months old. A subsequent boyfriend ignored her most of the time. Now I am married to a lovely man. But she won’t accept him. Her blood father is very erratic and being alcoholic lives chaotic lifestyle. (He is abusive and aggressive and impossible to deal with.) Sophie hasn’t seen him for about three months.

I have tried to take control and give her boundaries but the next day, there’s another argument. We’ve tried counselling – much time and money has been invested and there’s been very little change.

At bedtime, she’s lovely, we chat and laugh and share the day. But this only lasts for about 30 minutes. I’d like the rest of our time together to be as precious and loving.

My Out-of-Control Child

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