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She was sexually assaulted...

Not sure where to start but since sophomore year she lost several pounds and was very strong willed and independent and that has proven to be her downfall. She was sexually assaulted last summer because she was out with a boy who is from the wrong side of the tracks if you will. She was at a sleepover so I thought she was safe but went out on her own cuz she was upset about something and put herself in a very dangerous situation which led to the assault. We had several health problem due to this but I was naive in thinking this would keep her from doing something stupid as premarital sex (which her twin has pronounced herself as abstinent so thought that would help too) so didn't put her on birth control. And since then my husband her father has been very overprotective and strict about her having any independence but I've tried to give her some leeway and found it when she went and got pregnant it was a night I was at work and she had a fight with her dad which caused her to seek friendship with a neighborhood boy and ended up going too far. She told us only because she was due to have a gardisil shot and knew she couldn't with pregnancy. She has decided not to do abortion because we don't believe in it. And her college plans are changed drastically and not sure how we're going to afford taking care of this but don't want adoption either. But now my question is how to tell a grandma(her dad's mom) and other family members even though my side has gone through a similar situation.

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My Out-of-Control Teen

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