We don't know what to do...

My name is Wally. Our 2 grandchildren lost their 26 year old mother in a car accident in October 2007. The 2 children are Josh - age 6 and Jana age 9.

We have been through what their respective teachers refer to as the normal stages (denial, anger, etc). Josh seems to have accepted things and, except for occasionally getting up in the middle of the night crying and saying he misses his mommy (it breaks our hearts), is adjusting okay.

Jana on the other hand is not. She is deliberately failing tests, lying and even cheating. She is acting out in class and no longer listens to the teacher.

Jana and the rest of the family are in therapy. We hired a tutor to work with her on her schoolwork and my wife works with her an hour a night on her homework. But Jana's acting out is getting worse and, even though we are positive she knows the answers, is failing tests on a regular basis. Her only explanation is "the work is getting too hard."

We don't know what to do.

My Out-of-Control Child

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