20 year old daughter who argues...

I have a 20 year old daughter who argues with me so much about her lifestyle and boyfriend.

THis one is "ghetto" in my opinion. He met with with a beer in his hand after getting out from driving her car, and a cigar in the other with his pit bull dog.

My daughter is having issues with money, I suspect drugs, but she says none. I cannot force her to take a drug test do to her age. When I am at work the kids know that nobody is suppose to be in the house. THis guy comes over, locks my dogs in my room and makes himself cozy.

My daughter says I am a racist, and she wants no part of me. After she tore my head off with her comments, I told her she would need to find another place to live.

All we do is argue, and she has everyone so upset, because she has pulled away from all of us. She says we are all talking negative about her and that we are full of "shit".

My Out-of-Control Adult Child

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