Daughter stealing food...

We are having a constant problem with my daughter stealing our food. She thinks she has a right to do this. For one thing she usually has no breakfast during school days. She wants us to pay for a lunch every day in school. I cook almost every day supper for the whole family. She refuses to take anything to school because she says after a couple of hours her food will not taste very good. My husband takes sandwiches and fruits along, so does my son. They both never complain. Sometimes I give her money, but not always. I don't feel it's right. Well, when she comes home I offer her a snack, but she goes behind my back and takes everything else what she wants. Then she will not eat my supper much that I cooked with TLC.

We have been hiding foods, she goes through my closet. I cannot lock the fridge. I cut her allowance. She just feels she is entitled to the food. This goes on for years. First it was just something small, but now she will take whole TV Dinners, canned goods. Last Saturday I bought cherries. I heard the fridge door and went into the kitchen. I took the cherries and she said ice cold "bitch". I stayed calm and told her she can write one page about why you should not steal food and why you should be respectful. She wrote about that subject before. She was already grounded for something else. Eventually she wrote the page. I refused to give her any other meal until it was written. But in the meantime she took already snacks out of my husband's closet again.

We talk about it, she gets no allowance anymore. It drives me crazy. She is grounded for other things, while she is grounded she does not care anyways and you said it should not be endless grounding on top of grounding anyways.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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try to bond with her do things with her that she likes to do. if you become alittle closer with her she will listen to you more often.