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He has actually grabbed me very hard, and tried to choke me...

Our son is 15 years old, and we have been dealing with a lot of behavior problems since he was 8. At this point, our son does not misbehave every day at all, but when he does, the rages are unbelievably terrible. It's difficult to even describe what goes on around here when he is in a rage. He is so rude to any adult during these times (while during his normal times we have been told by several people that they wish their child would be as respectful as D__), uses disgusting language, threatens to hurt people, and the worst of all, he has actually grabbed me very hard, and tried to choke me. Usually, the actual thing that he does is not even that bad, mostly typical teenage behavior, but then he digs himself deeper and deeper once he is confronted or caught. He can't even listen to us when we try to tell him that what he did wasn't even that bad, but that it's the aftermath that always explodes, It is bad enough, though, that when it does happen, we feel increasingly lost on what to do. This has made it hard to really come up with any solutions, since during the times when he is not having a rage, he is completely sweet and good natured, and a very smart student. Very strange, don't you think?

We worry very much about his future. I can see him getting a college education, a good job, a personal relationship, but then I am so frightened by what will happen if he continues these rages in his adult life. My husband keeps telling me that he believes this will pass and he will mature out of this (since he has improved so much over the years), but my feelings are that even one of these rages is too much.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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