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I get very upset that these "little girl" years...

A__ has been taking money out of my purse over the last couple of weeks so hopefully that will stop. M__ spoke to her about the possible ramifications of stealing in the general community (ie) if a theft conviction was to be made so she got a bit upset by this...

There are lots of kids her age who live in our cul-de-sac and they seem so together and so much more well behaved than A__ and are a delight to talk to (I'm sure they have their moments) and I get very upset that these "little girl" years are just whizzing by under a black cloud of violence, disrespect and bad behavior.

A__ was a delight until she was 3 (we didn't have the terrible twos) then she virtually changed overnight.... She is a very intelligent child who has been talking in full sentences since she was 15 months old and was asking questions about gravity and light when she was 3 so all of this stuff now is just shattering the dream of the bright, interesting child we longed for (and thought we had). A__ was conceived by IVF after a number of years which is why she has no siblings as I was getting too old and when a second attempt failed, was advised to stop for my own health as I have MS. I am not in a wheelchair but get very tired and have worsening sight. My confidence has really been shattered by this disease (I used to fly aeroplanes but now have difficulty driving) and the double whammy of this child is exhausting!

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