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This is the second time that she has initiated a physical confrontation...

We have a 17 nearly 18 year old daughter that has finally resorted to physical violence against me. My wife tries to be her friend instead of mom and makes me become the Bad Guy in most discipline matters. We had to take car from her after she deliberatley lost her part time job. This job took car of auto insurance. That's all we ask we get gas, spending money, and all other expenses.

Yesterday she refused to move from a location in the laundry room preventing me from entering. After repeatedly telling her to move, I made entry into room only to shoved out the door backward into door facing in hallway. She struck me numerous times in the head and face. I only was able to control her by restraining her using a headlock.

This is the second time that she has initiated a physical confrontation. The first time she called the local police agency and case was referred to Children's Services. I don't know what the counselor told my daughter but it helped for quite a while. We have attended family counseling for her and her anger toward me. This stems from me having additional daughter by another woman, during a divorce from my daughter's mother. We reconciled and have custody of the younger sister for the past year.

This is especially tough on us/me because she is a large girl outweighing me by 30 lbs or more and restraining without injuring her is difficult. I am used to handling confrontations because I make many arrests. I am a State Police Officer. You can imagine the slippery slope that we are on due to by job........and the possibility of domestic assault situation that these confrontations may lead to.

I wanted to take a juvenile petition (warrant) for this situation but my wife disagrees.

My Out-of-Control Teen

By the way my internet connection is so slow that I cannot watch your videos online. I even tried the google video option with negative results. What do I need to do? Can you forward this on a disc? It would help us get started.

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