We have recently tried a program that in my opinion was a waste of $300 called the Total Transformation.

My husband and I have 3 children. They are biologically mine. My son is 17 and two daughters 13 and 11.

My son went to a mental hospital last year for anger management. He has a hard time controlling his temper and has a hard time holding himself accountable for things. His grades are finally coming back up, (c's instead of f's). He has smoked, drank, done drugs, had indiscriminate sex.

My 13 year old daughter followed right along after him to the mental hospital in feb. She craves attention no matter what she has to do to get it. She has done cutting, more because it was what her friends were doing (i think) than because of any mental problems Has turned my husband in for child abuse (which was unfounded per child protective services) and has flunked 7th grade. She also claims that she had sex once.

My 11 year old daughter takes things, from me, from her father, from her friends. No reason, she just wanted to. She also craves attention.

None of them listen, none of them are concerned about following directions or rules. They do get attention from us, we have tried everything. We have recently tried a program that in my opinion was a waste of 300 dollars called the Total Transformation. They offer ideas on what you can do ...conversations you can have, but no advice as to what would be best for discipline or restrictions or punishment if you have xyz happen..they say not to yell at your child, you are in control. Great concept but still leaves us out to dry.

My Out-of-Control Child

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