He exhibits all of the traits you describe exactly...

Although our son is only 11, he exhibits all of the traits you describe exactly (except for the teen-specific ones like drinking and breaking curfew). He has been like this since he was very small and we have had 10 years of pain, frustration and despair, with very little joy. At home he is often ok, however at school or in social situations it is a different story. He attends an exclusive, private boys school and is in very real danger of being thrown out because of his inappropriate, aggressive, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour. I could give tons of examples but I’m sure you know. The school has had to implement a program where he has been given a specific set of positive behaviours that he needs to work on and his improvement is assessed each day then summarised each week in written form. He also does the absolutely minimum school work and his grades are only average even though he has an IQ of 148.

In social situations, it’s the same. Everywhere we go he finds some way to be controversial, eg: rough play, being mean, destructive or just plain stupid. For example, if we’re at the beach with friends, he’ll be throwing sand, and pushing other kids under water etc. Basically, in any group situation, he just kind of ‘snaps’ and gets over-excited and then it’s impossible to calm him or get him back on track.

My Out-of-Control Child

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