He hates his stepfather...

To cut a very long story short, my son Daniel is 15. He struggles at school and has never found anything in life that excites him. He seems to have no enthusiasm for anything and never sticks at anything he starts. He hates his stepfather, bickers with his 8 year old brother incessantly, moans he’s bored all the time despite having most of the things he wants, talks to me like I’m nothing, has a bad attitude and generally is not interested in anything unless he is going to benefit from it in some way.

Although he doesn’t do what I would call naughty things, he does tell lies and has no respect for anyone and he can be quite manipulative to get his own way.

I realize this is probably all my fault as I am far too easy on him and very rarely stick to what I say when threatening punishments and I also realize that there are kids that are much worse than him but this does not help. He resents his step father because he is always ‘on his case, permanently feels I do not spend enough time with him, and I’m sure is unhappy a lot of the time.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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Anonymous said...

spend more time with him.
he says hes bored help him find some hobbies. try to get him into a schedule he will try to manipulate it and slowly change it to exaclty what he wants dont let him..
good luck