I am certain this is going to bring a lot of rebellion...

I have 4 children ages 24 - 14. The oldest is married and leaving an independent life. The 21 year old had drug abuse issues and is in the midst of recovery. Now we have two teenagers left in the house the fifteen and fourteen year old.

At this time I feel we are at a crossroads, we have looked for help thru counseling (church and secular) but to no avail. We have provided chances for them to keep a relationship, but the guy is extremely pushy and manipulative. He was pressuring her to have sex, we confronted them and gave another chance. But, again I received complaints and concerns from her teachers on how pushy and dominant he was at school. Today, we found pictures in her camera, naked. She has lost a serious amount of weight and looks stress out and owing him calls all the time. We decided to ban the relationship and I am certain this is going to bring a lot of rebellion and the such.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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