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I am emotionally finished with these children....

My step-nephew's (16 and 13) are out of control and my step-sister doesn't do anything to rein them in. Over the past week and 1/2 they were at my house twice - once while we were on vacation, and once for a family cookout. Their mother was suspicious of them stealing some change we keep in a jar in the laundry room. As it turns out - they stole over $40 from us.

I am irate that they would do this. My husband or I do not want them at our house ever again. I told the youngest one that after it came out that he took some change and he said he didn't take it and was cussing the adults for accusing him. The youngest has been to juvenile detention twice ( for breaking into a school office and stealing candy) and the oldest one has been picked up by the police on more than one occasion. I would like some guidance on how I can handle this situation with out putting a strain on my relationship with my sister, thus causing strains with my parents etc....

Over the years I have tried to help this boys and their mother with money, school clothes, school supplies, trips to zoo's etc. I am emotionally finished with these children.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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