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I am implementing the 'learn to earn' and it works!

Hi Mark,

I am implementing the 'learn to earn' and it works! My son cleaned his room (he hadn't done so for months and months and always got upset when I did it for him). He asked to go to the video store and I said, 'sure, as soon as you clean your room, including under the bed'. He did it half way, and I explained when it was finished, we could go, and when he yelled, I stayed calm. He cleaned it perfectly and he got his video. (it has worked at other times as well.)

By the way - I set, and followed through on a consequence - it feels like an important milestone. He lost his phone for 24 hours for being rude and threatening. The moment I explained what would happen if he did it again, he did do it again. I think he needed to test if I meant what I said. After 12 hours without his phone, he raged, but I stayed calm and explained he could still use the home phone if he needed to call someone. Within 10 mins, he calmed and tidied up the mess he had made. When the time period was over, I explained this rule still applies.

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