I just want peace and respect in my household...

My name is Rosemary, My husband and I are 48 year old parents. We are at our wits end with our 13 year old son, he is our only child. He will be starting High School in September. He is a loving, family oriented young boy. Outside of our home, he is respectful and everyone compliments on what a good kid he is.

My problem is that he answers me back, does not accept no for an answer (he will haunt me all day until I give in, which I do just not to hear him) I really enjoy doing good things for him like taking him places or letting him go with his friends, but I feel he needs to respect me and not yell all the time. Sometimes he is very antagonizing to his friends and family members and people can't handle him. I am very stressed over this. When I really loose it and yell at him, he knows I am at my wits end, he calms down and apologizes. I am really an easy going parent and a calm person. I want to control this now before he gets older and it will be much harder. Lately it seems to be nothing but arguments in my household with him. Is this normal or is there a problem with my son?

He does well in school, he is a bright boy, but lazy at times. He is very verbal and thinks that kids should have the same rights that adults do and he is very opinionated. I just want peace and respect in my household.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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