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I never thought that I would have a problem with my son...

I am a mother in stress. I have been clean and sober for 27 years in A.A. and I am smoke free for 20 years and I am a retired teacher assistant and I enjoy my volunteer healing working with teens and women who need an understanding ear. I never thought that I would have a problem with my son. He seems to be the one who would be the one to succeed but once again I am wrong. I have 2 other adult children and they are just finding out that they totally messed up there youth by drugging and drinking instead of living and learning.

My daughter is 28 and she is in university in Montreal,Quebec,Canada. And my son is 7 months sober but is using the marijuana recovery program along the way. His first problem is Alcohol. And now my teenager is 16 and he has decided to move around from his brother's and his girlfriends house and he does not care about me. He tells everyone about how terrible life is at home...Please Help...

My Out-of-Control Teen

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