I've already kicked her out 2x and want to try to make it work as a family and grand-family...

We are having a much worse problem w/our daughter than we've had w/any of our other 4 sons. I'm not willing to kick her out or threaten her w/same. I hope I can have some influence anyway. I sent her to live w/my sister in another state spring of '07. She stayed there 4 months, but it didn't work out. She was under the oversight of a juvenile probation officer when she returned. I've had to call the police a number of times when she has hit me. She discovered she was pregnant in March. She stopped taking her bipolar medication and ADHD medication for the baby. She got so difficult to deal with (screaming and raging when she didn't get her way) that we hospitalized her. A couple of weeks later, she slapped me across the face. I weigh 100#, 5'1" w/fibromyalgia. She has 30# and 3" on me, not to mention youth and health. I called the police. They would not put her in juvvy overnight (my suggestion: as shock treatment) but sent her to her adult brother. After a few days, we told her it was time to come home. She refused, which was very empowering to her. 6 weeks later, when her brother could no longer afford her, he brought her home. In other words, I've already kicked her out 2x and want to try to make it work as a family and grand-family.

The problem:

`` She's 17 and pregnant so legally "emancipated" in this state.
`` She has friends who will pick her up when we don't allow her to use her car.
`` She often doesn't come home at night.
`` She screams and rages for prolonged periods when she doesn't get her way.
`` She ignores any directives or consequences
`` She does no chores (did many when younger)
`` She has a 12 year old brother w/big time temper problems who, nonetheless, is a great kid who is being very negatively affected by this

My Out-of-Control Teen

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