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Josh ripped up his little brothers webkinz toy...

Josh constantly puts Kyla down. He claims that Kyla starts, but I am present some of the time and I know that is not true. Without calling him a liar, I tell him that if she is bothering him and he can't get her to stop then he should remove himself from the situation or come and tell me so I can help them work it out. He calls her fat, stupid, idiot, says she has no friends, etc...

I will also mention that during a tantrum Josh ripped up his little brothers webkinz toy. I told him that he will need to earn money to pay for it or he will lose the privilege of going to a water park that he goes to several times during the summer. He is still refusing to pay for the toy.

I am pretty sure our child knows he is loved, which is why it is so frustrating that he needs to be the center of attention ALL of the time. I try to recognize that each child is different with very different needs. Sometimes it is very draining.

My Out-of-Control Child

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