My son is a good kid...

I divorced my son's dad when he was 3 months old. I have remarried my husband now 3 years ago ado we have a 2 y/o and another on the way. I dated my husband for 10 years before we married, so he has known my son since he was 3 y/o. My son's dad tells him outrageous stories about me, such as i cheated and we would still be married if i had not left. He was abusive and i do not get into the game of bad mouthing him. I am a divorced child and my mom did that all the time. I do belief we had a son together and it is our job still to rear him. I do not get help out of him at all.

Our son was suspended from school for a total of 8 days last year for fighting. His dad and him see there is no problem with this so when i try to do something, he just says dad is ok with this. He is failing school for stupid things and i do not have skills i need to get his attention. When you start having a family with someone else who has the same values as you then there is a problem. My husband wants to send him to military school which is very expensive. My son is a good kid ...just in last few years has major attitude with me and very touchy with his peers. He has always has had trouble with being bullied and will hit who ever is doing it. What really scares me is if grows up like his dad and will hit a woman.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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