She called her brother a dirtbag...

My daughter still feels like she has no respect for anyone in our household; but believes she is respectful. To her respect means, 1. someone who is understanding 2. someone who has a good work ethic 3. someone who nice. She tells me that talking to me is like talking to the '6 year old Down Syndrome child that she babysits and requires a yes or no answer'. She's condescending to say the least, and if I ever said half of the things to my mother and father that she says to her dad and I, I wouldn't have any teeth left in my mouth.

With respect to the depression, I suggested that she see a counselor or therapist and she adamantly denied that she needed it but rather I did. She says that she has friends that would take her in and let her do what she wants to do but reasoning with her logically about consequences to her actions falls on deaf ears. It's infuriating. She called her brother a dirtbag but he got her a job where he works and allows her to be on his insurance policy to help her out with her car insurance.

She won't speak to us and ignores us or hums her way around us as if we have done the damage.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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