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She shows no respect...

Can you help my daughter is 16 years old. When she is out in public we have people that complement us on how well mannered our daughter is. Her drivers ed teacher called my husband and commended him on how respectful she was. However, at home with the family she show no respect for myself or her step father (who has raised her since she was 6). She break the household rules on a daily basis, Will only do her chores after a huge argument and one of us standing behind her making sure it gets done, she has stolen jewelry and collectable coins from me. Swears in front of us on a regular basis, and she has a very short fuse she can be happy one second, and the next second she goes off in a rage punching walls slamming doors. (and has gone as far as cutting her self). we have taken her to a few different counselors and were told since she would not do what they ask of her their is nothing they can do to help. We have grounded her on multiple occasions and taken away all her favorite items. We have talked with her trying to find out what is wrong. We are at our wits end.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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