DCS has now threaten to take me to court...

My thirteen year old daughter has been expelled from every school she has attended.I reached out for help through the Department of Social Services because I can no longer deal w/ her behavior. I also have a 6 year old w/disabilities whose well being I'm conserned for. My 13 year old destroys property, fights and does not comply to school or home rules. I had to call the police twice w/in one week for her behavior. She has also been expeeled from a boarding school that specializes in helping troubl;ed girls. The DCS has now threaten to take me to court because I can no longer allow my 13 year old aroung me or my youngest daughter. This is a teen that within the last year has pulled knives on me, attempted to strangle me, hit her sister in the head, assaulted the principal of her last school and other infractions.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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