He has taken money and used it for buying cheetoes...

I am Suma , mother of 11 year old boy wants to discus my son's very bad habit of stealing money. I need some tips to stop his behavior. The very first time he stolen money from our own house and when we found it we, me and my husband has given advice to him that stealing is a bad habit. Again he did that same mistake. Then we scolded him, beaten him. So he stopped taking money from the house and started taking money from other houses like relatives and friends. That also came to our notice, we didn't punish him. Very calmly we discussed with him that it is a bad behavior and ask him don't do again. After that , recently we got a news that he stolen money from his friend's house. When we asked first he didn't admit it. But finally he said that he has taken money and used it for buying cheetoes from school store. We are a middle class family. But we are trying to fulfill his needs.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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